Why is Turkey attacking Syria? – BBC News


Turkish war planes have launched air strikes on Kurdish positions in northern Syria.

The BBC’s Mark Lowen explains why – and why now.

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  1. Yes ask why is USA in Afghanistan Kosovo Irak Libyen because they are neighbors yes thank USA superhero All this countrys have no more Terror Problems and have the best democrasi like Kuba nikaragua Elsalvador same feritale Bush Trump are Peacemaker the rest like Hugo chavez Castro Putin erdogan and so on are dictator not All are stupids Trump is like all USA Leaders a game Player for weapon Industrie more war more money humanrights is a story

  2. Because of kurds in pkk and ypg has done terror acts in turkey. But to attack these ppl inside syria when they still fight isis might bring kurds and isis 2gether against turkey. But thats what turkey want cause they are supported by usa and the west. And the west and usa should stop helping turkey in these war acts inside another country. Turkey should have the iq to wait until isis are gone but turkey likes isis so that will not happen.

  3. Why they want to kill Syrians what they did? And u know what idc iam done iam done iam gonna go to Syria and save Syrian and kill these badass and then see what gonna happen that make no sense Muslim killing Muslim that's the sign of end

  4. Most of their Fighters are women in Syria their Christians Fighters and they're fighting the Muslim terrorist after their beheading Christians and their part of the country women Fighters

  5. You call other people in Syria as Syrian rebels, and the YPG terrorists are Kurdish fighters. Learn how to be objective. Yes they captured many cities from ISIS, like Manbij. Manbij normally had 80% Arabs, 10% local Turks and 10% Kurds. Guess what YPG terrorists did? They kicked all Arabs and Turks out of the town and brought Kurds from Irak!! Yes!! Iraqi Kurdish citizens are placed in Manbij just to fool the world, indeed with the help of big media bosses. Eveyone should understand that even the books from 200 years back talks about the same villages and towns and some of them are fully Arabic, some are fully Kurdish and some are fully Turkish. All these places are next to each other. it is a mix. You can't claim any large piece of Northern Syrian land as Kuridsh or Turkish or Arabic land. It is simply Syrian land!

  6. Turkey coming with very solid evidences that proves YPG actually is PKK which is a prescribed terrorist organization by USA, EU and UN. Despite that US and EU supporting this terrorist organization and working with them. This is a shame for US and EU and it is a question how they intending to clear this black pgabe from their history books tomorrow. Turkey entered AFrin and clearly stated that they will go back as soon as region stabilises. Turkey has 900km border with Syria and of course it is primaryly convern for Turkey. How about US? What the f*** US doing there? Only destabilisig region since the beginning with filthy hands. Without US, world would be better and in more peace.

  7. Unbeleivable…Turkey Attacking Syria!?!? Typical of the BBC to sell sensationalist news. The US and the UK has attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, but the BBC called it the war on terror, Turkey Attacks Terrorists using Syrian borders s a safe haven for attacking Turkey aided by genuine Arab Syrians, and you say Turkey is Attacking Syria, BBC you're credibility is rubbish

  8. They are terrrorist . İm living in Turkey near afrin border , in last 10 years they entered the border and attack to our soldiers and civilian people , and policemans . Turkey strikes to only terrorists .