Viral Launch Product Discovery DESTROYS JUNGLE SCOUT Niche Hunter ? Amazon FBA Research 2018


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I am a big fan of the new Viral Launch Product Discovery and have recently switched over.

I have found from my personal experience that the Viral Launch data is far more accurate. I have matched my exact sales data to the Junglescout estimates as well as Viral Launch Market Intelligence and their system is far more accurate.

I highly suggest that anyone doing Amazon FBA Private Label product research check out the tool.

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  1. Hi Brock I couldn't help noticing your wonderful large white boards and interested in purchasing my self. It would be really great if you can tell me where I can get em. Thank you!

  2. Hi Brock, Awesome Content
    I used your code and instead of 50% less price I got charged 50% more, so I payed 58$ with your code…
    Also, curious when will be available your shitty new course?
    Keep us updated, thumbs up I love your content! (just kidding)

  3. Thanks for your video and sharing. Great stuff…and very non-hype. You made me laugh when you said you weren’t afraid of seasonal because you did eclipse glasses. A whole new definition of seasonal…lol. Keep up the great work.

  4. You confuse me. At 5m 36 you say JS figures are calculated at the exact second (and can change if you search an hour later) but at 9m 47 you say JS bases it's prices on all year-round. What?!??!

    Great video and delivery, I am now subscribed 🙂

  5. Brock how much would it cost me to visit you? You are such s great guy I really enjoy how you perceive things! You deserve everything you get and so do I that's why I'm asking to have some contact with you. A email would change everything for me in return you have the chance to make someone very motivated and successful. I'll love to do a private paid course if you ever felt like doing like that. Your knowledge is worth millions. Reply in your own time but my email is I'd seriously appreciate a email! I'm positive enough too believe I'll hear back whatever the cost have a cool year if not bro keep up the hard work!!!!!

  6. When looking at the number of sellers on Amazon who sell the 'funny socks,' how do you determine if it will be a good product to sell as well? How do you gauge the competition? Thanks for the video, I'm about to dive into product discovery now!

  7. So if we take the sock example: Would you find a supplier for the socks and then start selling them on amazon? How is the process from finding an interesting product to actually selling it on amazon?
    Btw, great videos man! Keep it up!

  8. Thanks, Brock , I'm In Descize, How Ever i'm Horrible Learner when it Comes To using this software we use For AMZ besides CF. lol ..

    you made V-L alot Easier On Me , Thanks, Man. oh my tips for all you newbies out there struggling or not .. pick products for a marketplace not the products has been my golden nugget. and go deep not wide..

  9. Hey Brock! Just came from your ad. Good job on that by the way! Was wondering if I could interview you for my channel. I can tell you're a super genuine guy, which definitely resonates with my audience. 

    Let me know what you think. If you're down, just shoot me a DM – @imangadzhi 

    or send me a quick email:

    Keep crushing it 🙂

  10. Saw your add. Loved what you said about positivity. Subbed. I want to get in this space SO BAD but am hesitating like a retard. I'm down to get on camera and do well too =P Love your brainstorming room. Hopefully I can get into this.

  11. Its funny how your trashing junglescout and you dont even know how to use this product. You seem lost. Not saying that viral launch doesnt provide value but there are many ways to find products and from my time with junglescout the numbers didnt lie. Why don't you show why the product works as opposed to making the video about trashing anothers person great product!