Tucson: Trailer park living for America’s poor


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Life is tough for the residents of one of Tucson’s many trailer parks, but the people still work hard and dream of a better future. The BBC’s Anna Bressanin reports.
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  1. There are wey better places in Tucson that you don't have to spend 800 a month.. I live in Tucson never herd of this place anyway I live in the hood in Tucson I spend way less my home is wey better

  2. "America's poor." These people are living good and prosperous lives. More focus should go towards the "world's poor." $800 a month is a fortune in a lot of places in the world.

  3. Remember you Brits are filming America’s poorest, in no way does this represent we Americans as a whole. My apartment is about twice the size of those trailers and in a gated community next to a college with upper middle class.

  4. The BBC is funded by British tax dollars( and I suspect some American money) why are they doing a price on a Tucson trailer park? Yeah, Americans see it but if I was a Scotsman or Irish I'd ask what is the point of this?

  5. Just put down Roach poison and you can fix the mobile home up. A mobile home is awesome if you take care of it. Besides one can change it into a house. But why the rent got to be high tho. Mobile homes are not bad to live in. Rather live there than on the street. Crime is everywhere so.. I hope that girl becomes that makeup artist….. there's good people anywhere.

  6. Yeah dang this is great could have been longer idk, I'm in the same boat live in a park it's a nice place though and like the one guy said u can make it a home, it's good to have a small place you enjoy things more

  7. Pelosi said a thousand dollars is crumbs, I say a thousand dollars to a lot of people is 10 – 20% of their Yearly income. Democrats do not care about anyone that they can't take something from.

  8. If the trailer is is good condition and not the ones from FEMA then you have nothing to worry about and often times in low income areas the trailer will be better quality than a real house! LOL!! The sad part now is some new trailers now are also getting high tech and sometimes more costly than a real home which is kinda sad.

  9. I've seen some amazing trailer parks here in South Florida. Some bad ones too. But the good ones make me really consider trying to buy a nice trailer in a decent park for myself.