Theresa May: Syria strikes ‘both right and legal’ – BBC News


British Prime Minister Theresa may is holding a news conference on the Western air strikes on Syria.

She said no group other than the Syrian government could have carried out a suspected chemical weapons attack in Douma last week.

“We know that the Syrian regime has an abhorrent record of using chemical weapons against its own people,” she said.

She said it was “both right and legal” to take action against the Syrian government but it was not about interfering in the Syrian civil war.

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  1. Does our government think “US” the people, really believe their reason for going to war. We do not agree. So why are you going to war. Do “WE” the people not have a voice when it comes to going to war. “OUR” lives are at risk if “YOU” send our troops to war. For whatever agenda you are trying to fulfill.
    Many people die everyday in horrendous ways by bad people. We don’t see them starting a war over it. Our government is bull shit. They are not for us. They are not for those children. They are for their own “AGENDA”

  2. If she really cares about innocent people dying then why does her party allow the selling weapons. When you sell a weapon to someone they will use it to kill. Hypocrite evil cow.

  3. Focus on your spiritual wellbeing sweet souls because world governments are turning against what humanity stands for on all levels. Governments (no matter which country) are no longer to be trusted with your integrity and will. Be clear what that is for yourself and carve it out for your own intimate progress on your path. No one is responsible for you except yourself. Stay focused inwards for it is the way out. Peace.

  4. there are more chemical attacks in london each week.chemicals thrown in inocent men women and childrens faces.what is been done about that.maby you should boom yourself prime minister.

  5. So a referendum vote goes back to parliament coz some ppl didnt like the result but doesn't need consulted by president may when her and her globalist cohorts want to start throwing missiles about using our armed forces to do it

  6. Does she think nothing happened in Syria before at the hand of terrorist nothing happens in Yemen where she keeps sending weapon to Saudi Arabia nothing happening in Afghanistan after 17 yrs of occupation by you

  7. Make uk law that if any leader attacks another country illegally then they must lead the army in the attack. This way no cowardly traitor like t may and Blair would ever attack others and endanger own civilians. Start a petition to j corbyn to suggest this law

  8. Don't people know this WOMAN is Hillary Clinton sister? This is what happens when women take the lead, all shit breaks out. This lying fool will be the end of the UK. She has her own Tranzgender a gender hahaha Well done Teresa you have finaly destroyed everything Briton was with your twisted sick attacks on the inocent people in the Middle East. Oh sorry not this time China and Russia are going to dig your grave via a massive Nuke;) shame YOUR PEOPLE are not WORTH SHIT

  9. Let me set out why you have taken this action : Your bosses are not happy that Al Assad & his supportive population of Syrian people have started winning the war in Syria. You have chose to strike Syria now also to distract from the false flag chemical event in Salisbury that you have been expose off. Keep funding the terrorists in Syria & putting British military personnel in to help them. You Mrs May do not fool anyone with your BS. You have just joined the war criminal club along with Bush Blair Obama & Trump.
    I await the day when you all face justice. Don't expect the British people to shred a tear for your release. What you just did here put the lives of every British Citizen on the line.
    You & your scumbags think you will be fine as you have an entry ticked to a cushty bunker.

  10. Nutter u lie , there is no proof a claim is no proof! This is a warcrime u started ww3 with this action the bomb’s from america flying over eu what if it disfunction and fall down i do not feel safer u made safety worse with this in my eyes warcrime!!!!

  11. They will send your kids to war at the drop of a hat. BUT not them. please read war is a racket by general smedley buttler…..every kid should read that book in school.