The Keep


It is World War II in German-occupied Romania. Nazi soldiers have been sent to garrison a mysterious fortress, but a nightmarish discovery is soon made. The Keep was not built to keep anything out. The massive structure was, in fact built to keep something in…



  1. a really great film, I thought so and bought the book.  its a shame that they changed the ending because the one in the book was much better.  I mean the man Glaken, forgive my spelling, has been alive for hundreds of years just waiting for the time when Molisar/Rasilom manages to break free from his prison/The Keep.   his job is to put him back into his eternal bondage, and keep mankind free from his utter evil.  in the book the ending is much better/fairer.  after destroying the demon he falls to the bottom of the gorge around the keep and breaks his leg.  he is surprised that he feels pain, as it has never happened to him before.  his reward for century's of watching and waiting for the final battle with the demon, sees him become mortal.  he can see his reflection in a pool of water,  he hasn't been able to see his face in a mirror/pool of water for most of his life.  he gets to live out the rest of his life with the beautiful women he meets at the village high up in the pass.  I would thoroughly recommend fans of the film to read the book.  it is a really good read/story..