Thailand cave rescue: The moment divers find the boys – BBC News


The 12 boys and their football coach who have been missing for nine days in caves in Thailand have been found alive.

Divers working for the Thai Navy Seals recorded the moment they found the 12 boys and their teacher.

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  2. even though the outcome of this was mostly positive (diver lost his life) I still get emotional watching this. What a terrible thing for these young boys to endure

  3. "You've been in here for over a week you say? In that dark? Here, I'll just shine this flashlight in your face."
    Joking aside. Much respect and appreciation for the heroic efforts of these British divers and everyone involved. Looking for positive reports on the internet for the rest of the rescue.

  4. Was wondering how the British divers found them…did they take a leap of faith in searching for them? ….or they already knew they boys where in there? Just wondering…..from my understanding it's a leap of faith….and was wondering before all preparation how did the British divers have enough oxygen since…to get in and out… the first day of discovery…. hopefully someone can explain interested to know…

  5. Hi Im Smith from Thailand so Im Thai, now in Thailand we're talking about the hero i mean the seal that he die in mission, he's a real hero without superpower 1gone for 12come, he's just 38 and he's a good seal R.I.P. my hero T_T

  6. RIP Thai Navy Diver:(( what a true hero!!!! Let’s get these boys out somehow now and honour this Thai Diver :((( I know one thing for sure,when they are finally out they won’t EVER be thinking of entering caves again especially in the rainy season.

  7. When all the thanks and justified praise for the rescuers has been made, isn’t it worth asking why the hell a dozen 11-16 year old boy’s, some of whom can’t even swim, were taken 5km into a cave through narrow, dark passages during the monsoon season?