Syria strikes: 12 hours in two minutes – BBC News


How the attack by US, UK and France on suspected chemical weapons facilities in Syria unfolded.

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  1. Syria use chemical weapons, but wait a moment, all Syrian chemical weapon was driven out by UN, couple years ago, how they can use weapons which are no more? do only i feel strange feeling that US and UK lie to us?=)

  2. Well the USA says all missiles hit there target, the question then is how many missiles were fired by babylon and its minions?
    Why did it need to fire so many tomahawks if as a matter of fact it needed just a few to do the same job .
    Why are there pictures all over the internet of Syrians posing with fallen missiles?
    The answer is Syrian defenses shot down a LOT .

  3. only 30 missiles reached Syria, 70 were destroyed by Syrian and Russian anti-aircraft. liar and idiot. And next time you'll get some Russian missile in the ass, watch out for your ships could sink, Russia is not the irak.

  4. "Mission accomplished!" What? Starting WW3? All this on a suspected chemical attack? Gee Ma!? Good thing they never proved there was a chemical attack, they probably would have blown the whole country up.

  5. Ireland is the best country in the world because why? We've always been neutral. We will remain neutral forever too. We aren't stupid enough to become entrapped and engulfed in the flames of war we just want peace 😉

  6. They are accusing Assad that he gassed people. Where the hell are the evidents that he did it? Why would he? What would he gain? Most Surian refugees I talked about Assad support him. Is this similar with the chemicals of Saddam and the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that were never found so young Americans died for nothing? The chemical bombs in Syria are German by the way. Isis was created with the blessings of the USA, Germany, Saudis and Turkey, and now they are terrorising Europe killing people. The West does nothing. Why? Because They are responsible for this mess. Sticking their noses to Islamic countries, third world countries and Balkans for decades and then invade to…help them. Same shit with George Bush, Clinton, Reagan, George W Bush, Obama, and now Trump. Hillary would do the same too. Vietnam, Persian Golf war, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya. Same all over again. USA is having tremendous social, political and economical issues. When will they deal with the country's problems instead of invading to other countries? What happens in Syria is an abomination. Why? For an oil pipe, for Turkey, for the plans of Great Israel, for America playing the global cop, and for the constant obsession with Russia. Unbelievable! 😱 #stopthewar


  8. Not sure why the US government hates Assad so much. The people look more western than most of the countries in the middle east. We seem to want regime change is so many countries like Iraq, Libya, … Maybe we should worry about our own problems first.

  9. I just really want to ask my brothers from this world if you are willing to fight for your country for a "suspected chemical attack" because they said it happen lmaaoo .. as an american i would fight for my country if our way of life is being threatened like in the 1900s when our grandparents had to lived through with violent times.. but this is bullshit smh starting a war for no reason.. we need peace w/ russia & china before this world falls apart smdh … no nazis in this time but as an american i can see why people hate us lool…… 18 yos only and our lives are soon to be played with … americans, british, french, russians, chinese, and possibly our nato allies.. lets pray it wont happen that we will be drafted/conscripted but with our world going the way it is lol

  10. So a UK Prime minister can fire Missiles at another country without needing permission from either Parliament or the British public ? As the UK Prime minister is a Puppet, It begs the question "Who are the Pupeteers " ?

  11. Yeah Right.
    The rockets were very nice, very beautiful and very smart, but amounted to zero.
    Stopped by obsolete Russian technology.
    Can't hide this as the world was watching.
    I think Russia did not fire the up to date ones because they didn't want you to see what they could do.

  12. This was so bogus. No one can prove that Assad used any chemical weapons and we attacked without a shred of real evidence. Everyone behind this attack should be ashamed of themselves. Mattis himself said he couldn't prove Assad did that gas attack last year that we bombed them for. Our leaders at all levels are lying dirt bags. Trump how could you do this? You promised to get us out of Syria?

  13. OK we destroyed chemical stock pile just a few miles from Damascus? Really? Any idea what could have happen if there really were stockpiles of chemical agents on that location? A chemical mist could have killed millions….Or they knew there was nothing there, so this is all theater. It took Hitler several years to gas a million Jews, this could have killed millions more in minutes. And nobody even questions this action. Is everybody brain dead already? Of course they knew there were no chemical weapons otherwise they wouldn't bomb it, but instead secured the area and got rid of this junk in an orderly fashion.

  14. Still waiting on Vlad Pootings warnings and threats. Has to suck when you're reduced to PSYOPS 101 in the media. Then we have the poser channels with names like Jim Smith, Angela K. etc with an eastern European or middle eastern finger print….your kidding right?

  15. All these people just screaming that this is fake news and propaganda while not saying why… I’m beginning to think they don’t even have reasons for thinking it’s fake

  16. Why bbc always covers what the reality show the world that they are against the Asad regime the Uk and France please united states doesn't add up its all a cover for a bigger plot .. But indeed they plot but Allah swt the king of kings the sublime the creator of all things, your creator my creator owner of evrything his wisdom is such you cannot comprehend the way you can't understand the power of free will ???? That is just one of the blessing that you are blessed with ) and i will stop there look in to the true teaching of Islam 😊. out of arogance all men have the greed for power the world belong to no man we are all travelers in this world there is another life !!!! .. #bewoke #wakeup what is your purpose #find meaning to your existence