Q Irish Flag on UK Live TV – QAnon on Sky News


Q Irish Flag on UK Live TV – QAnon flag on Sky News during live coverage of President Trump’s visit to the UK to meet the Queen.



  1. Did No Name Speak from the Grave??  Was He healed from the Shot to His Head?.[Cancer Free]  Or is he being interviewed from a Prison in California??? or is it His Wife going into Office in disguise?

  2. Few know more about fighting the thousand year reign of tyranny, called the English crown, than the Irish. Ireland is hoping for reunification (Scotland and Northern Ireland voted AGAINST Brexit in overwhelming numbers). The crown is hoping reunification of Ireland will allow them to bring Ireland back into their sphere of influence. They have even proposed a bridge across the Irish Sea between Scotland and Northern Ireland, as a iron chain holding the "British Isles" together. This when the Heathrow airport expansion budget is about a third of the total budget allowed Scotland, when the oil revenue comes from Scotland's North Sea.

  3. Good to see you back your the only channel that don't tell there opinion. Your vids are straight to the point. Keep up the good work and I'll keep sending people to your Channel.