North Korea’s secret slave gangs – BBC News


As President Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, prepare for an unprecedented summit, BBC Panorama investigates North Korean modern-day slavery in Europe.

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  1. yea, PEACEFUL economic reasons, these people are such LIARS! to bad the common man doing the actual work has to continually suffer…we'll see just where the de-nuke thing goes. Personally once a communist ALWAYS a communist. Taught that by an expert long ago……

  2. 4:15 he the type of guy that never know how hard life is for normal north korean cause he elite , now that he flee ( with shitload of $$ from all the ilegal shit he do in england for the regime and keep for him self quite alot of $$ ) he start to expose and tell people should ban north korea normal people who work over sea to earn few $$ for they family ( which is better than most can get in north korea , few dolar is huge in north korea you can feed your family ) if you gona do something go for the elite like the guy in the video not the worker and normall civilian in north korea

  3. My heart breaks for those poor North Koreans 🙁 As a Pole this is an absolutely shameful practice that the Polish companies should cease being engaged in and the government should halt immediately.

  4. It's one thing if they changed the voices of North Korean workers digitally but that's obviously narrated by someone who is obviously not them. It's extremely hard to believe any of this.

  5. The NHS,police,television industry and family involved in a secret mind control and Planned psychology to deliberately destroy and dehumanise a man with a szchophrenia weapon.Medical professional lies to hide a psychological torturer steal a mans life.To deliberately stop a man have a normal life to stop him having a wife and children by a deliberately use of brain altering techniques to inflict mental illness,a psychological cage.This is a human rights crime in the uk.A criminals secret.This is another British scandal another evil.

  6. Cheap labour is a valuable business resource, but the consequences stretch further than political jabs at NK through its selling cheap labour.
    A documentary a while ago looked at imported cheap labour from many countries, including the N Korean labour supply across the globe, Far and Middle Eastern countries, European (Germany, Belgium and Poland specifically).
    It highlighted a cascade of displacement of some Indigenous local workforces across several nations, as the workers migrated to other countries for work, causing worse working practices, wages to fall and hours to increase.