New Discovery Sport in Iceland: Icy river crossing


With Terrain Response & 600mm wading depth, the New Discovery Sport confidently handles challenging off-road driving. See us test out our latest model in Iceland.



  1. Drive this car for half a year and must honestly say that it was a particularly good decision. The fuel consumption figure of 4.5 liters is much more than a lie, because a consumption of less than 6.5 liters with completely normal driving conditions, can hardly be achieved. I self-propelled mostly on the motorway (6 liters fuel consumption on average) and then to the residence in the mountains (7 – 8 liters on average). So 4.5 liters are completely impossible – unless it goes much downhill – but at some point `s just back up and then he swallows naturally tidy. Is also clear when the weight of nearly 2 tons.
    Otherwise, I can really recommend this car, because the ride comfort is unbeatable, especially the terrain features are overwhelming! You never have the feeling of sitting in a real SUV, but rather to pilot the feeling a luxury sedan. For off-road driving, this car feels really good when the handlebars nice slowly losing the courage! Peace of mind!