Myanmar: Inside the closed Rakhine region – BBC News


The BBC has obtained footage from inside Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where allegations have emerged of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya community. The Burmese military denies it but has banned independent journalists from investigating in the area.
Jonah Fisher reports.

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  1. Myanmar army is doin europeans and US armys job killing muslims!
    I bet britain and US supplies weapons to myanmar army to kill children.
    But it those people retaliated they are gona be called terrorists

  2. “‘Because the poor are plundered, because the needy groan, I will now arise,’ says the LORD; ‘I will place him in the safety for which he longs.'” Psalm 12:5 Amen, glory be to God who is our hope and strength.

  3. every one target Islam that grow rapidly and it is spreading all over the world ,
    it started from Arab and then spread inAfrican and Asian countries that hold a large no of Muslims now
    so some non Muslim countries wanted to kicked out muslims

  4. The buddhism teaching is very simple. It says: "u plant a watermelon seed ,u get the watermelon in return". The bermese monks n soldiers who did the crimes ( bad-karma) will get the same in return either this lifes or future lifes. They are evils .

  5. Chandra parkash mind your language …u are all cunning liers ….and we know it …we know about your sexully culture and religion …..we dont feel any difficulty at propaganda …

  6. Islamic have kill 2700 000 000 in the history of the world in the quran commands it to terrorists and plunder and make slaves. (8:12) and (8:60). Humans are sopust to love one onother butt religions and ideologys makes people hate it each other. Islam is rebis makes humans in to monsters and poison there minds and thoes people knows it they are over protecting

  7. It's all done by the Muslim terrorist. ..The wanted a different country so the started killing and chasing away the local Buddhist population. how can u do that when you are the immigrants to that country. .They killed the Buddhist and the Hindus. they will kill whoever is not listening to them. ..its good that they are thrown out what they do is reproduce like pigs and spread jihad and Islam.

  8. The same happened in Turkey the same happened in Maldives the same happened in Afghanistan but the pseudo Islamic find all that right in Islamic state and Wrong in case of non Islamic state fuck logic

  9. They love to cry to the bbc. The Mohammadan loves crying to the United Nations bbc and other scumbag organisations BUT Asia stands up to the Marxist Mohammadan alliance of terror. We will kick out not jus 900 thousand failed rohinga terrorists but every single one from Myanmar.

  10. I myself feel so ashamed… Even though muslim countries are giving aid it is NOT eNOUGH.. just think about it.. if the children,men and women getting raped,killed,slaughtered where your mother,sister or father.. how would u feel…!! People have to do something..

    And for the people saying why should the west help.. get the fuck out of the UN then!! U did "FREe" the citizens of Afghanistan.. "Free" the citizens of IRaq.. but yall just acting for profit….

    I really wouldnt mind if a war started now!

  11. Na what's app pay na face book pay na Google pay…
    2002 may may Dubai may daud ibraheem ko mila… Wo sahe kehta tha ky hindu ko jab tk in ki oqat yaad na krvao os waqat tk is ko sakoon nahe ata… Meray words May changing ho sakti hy mager os ka matlab yai he tha. Thora saber kro jald he tum ko jawab do ga…..