Maps reveal hidden truths of the world’s cities – BBC News


A new website that lets people delve into data on the world’s cities has been launched.

Dr Robert Muggah from the think-tank Instituto Igarapé showed the BBC some of his favourite maps from EarthTime.

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  1. I can appreciate all these scientific data about global warming and even the migration pattern, but terrorism and refugee crime are both solid data that are shown to be true, no matter how infrequent they happened, they happen… unless you believe those are fake news.

  2. I'd saved this link… don't know why… but now I'd like to comment.

    You are correct that the vast majority of refugees over the past 50+ years are fleeing conflict. But the last few years- especially in Europe- are bucking the trend of not bringing violence with them. Take outlying factors into consideration, even if those factors are only recent (much like global warming data graphs).
    You are stating facts; you are not telling lies. But by ignoring current events due to the history you are weaving a story that is a false narrative.

    You are correct that global warming is affecting the world. What I fail to see is why is the act of global warming bad? Because it will affect land? People will have to move? Animals, plants and people will die off and have to adapt? Isn't that what has occurred historically in every land in every time period?

    Don't get me wrong: Pollution, deforestation, poaching and whatnot are upsetting the natural balance in immediate ways. We should take responsibility and improve our emissions, various pollutions, and make sure this planet is habitable for generations to come. But the earth has warmed and cooled cyclically since it's existed, and it will continue to do so once we're gone.

  3. Data Scientist here (since clearly, as the video shows, that means I have the right to speak about all domains of data, including politics, without being an expert on said domains #sarcasm). The point about refugees fleeing violence instead of bringing it to the West isn't a lie, but a terribly misleading statistic, which a far-left news organization like the BBC News will definitely try to push.

    No one argues with the fact that refugees are fleeing violence or that the majority of them are peaceful. However, in the relatively peaceful Western countries to which they arrive, the damage that they cause is significant. Since crime is relatively low in the West, it only takes a few "bad apples" from developing countries to increase crime rates significantly.

    The BBC also conveniently ignored the 0 Middle Eastern migrants which were settled in rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE and are now living in Western countries. This was a perfect opportunity to call them out on bailing on their brethren.

    Data driven decision making is important, but pretending that social engineering projects like the BBC are anything resembling that is disingenuous. The BBC won't report that Germany faced more terrorist threats in 2016 (post-migrant crisis) than the 13 years between 2000-2013, or that 92.4% of the growth in crime between 2015 and 2016 was due to newly arrived migrants. They also won't report that Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe, and 58% of rapes in the country were committed by foreign born individuals, which rises to a whopping 80% of rapes where the victim didn't know the perpetrator.

    Quit your bullshit, BBC.

  4. Where did the data for your "rising sea levels" come from? All your other maps show data that can be sourced through statistical or visual observations but the sea level data is not only unproven or theoretical, it's been just plain wrong ever since Al Gore started the whole panic with his film, over a decade ago. Miami was supposed to. Be underwater by now, according to "97%of climatologists" and yet the sea hasn't risen a fraction of an inch yet in any proven measurable observations.

    The light map was very I teresting, I wonder how much the switch from the orange light emitting halogen lights to the new bluish Led lights have changed the map? It almost looks like it defined by national. Boundaries where one nation uses Led lights ( North America) where in Poland, for example, it's much more red/orange than its immediate neighbours. Does Poland still use halogen lights? It looks like that more likely than population growth or decreases effecting the levels of light pollution. So the news item appears to. Have so. E serious flaws in logic and science. In other words fake fakes from the BBC.

  5. Science is the essence of modern civilization. What makes science respectable is that its truth comes from nature, facts, unbiased, unsoiled, uninfluenced by human' motives. So, when will data scientists truly analyze facts without political and personal belief bias? Even great scientists cannot overcome it. Stephen Jay Gould failed because of his political bias. Hope Robert Muggah will not succumb to the insanity of political correctness pressure that put the Spanish Inquisition to shame in comparison.

  6. Hopefully now the oil companies will watch this and realize they are trading their greed and monetary gains, for the complete destruction of a habitable planet. Watch the DVD Earth: The Power of the Planet where they talk about the methane gas underneath the ice in the North Pole that global warming is melting. Once enough of that ice melts, like a ticking timebomb, that trapped methane gas will release and finish off the hole in our atmosphere THAT'S ALREADY THERE, and then KAPUT for human life.. I wonder if they've watched it? We got a hole folks.. thanks to us, that will destroy us.. what I don't wonder is why we are making so many efforts to expand space programs and live in outer space.