Kezang Dorji: How Eminem inspired Bhutan’s star rapper – BBC News


Kezang Dorji, 28, rose from a poor background to become one of Bhutan’s most loved rappers.

He was inspired by Eminem growing up – and raps about the dangers of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Producer: Anbarasan Ethirajan

Camera: Choling

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  3. Who inspired Eminem, who does he emulate should be the questions. Give credit to the culture that started rap. Initially, rap was "conscious rap" until the fake jews got involved. Smh.

  4. A rapper that spreads morality! Great for mankind! Good job young man! I myself lived in the ghetto in Detroit with a hard knock life, Eminem is among millions in Detroit and surrounding areas with great hardships that could be used for good purposes if they're turned into positive messages for our community and the world. I believe Marshall should incorporate more of his learned values into his music because he has experience in hardships many millions around the world can relate to! He does have some morality value in some songs, but he could really make a huge social impact in important ways like this young man is doing! Unfortunately, swearing is a second language in Detroit. Myself included, I've never met ANYONE, including clergy, that don't swear as part of their cultural language in Detroit. Keep up the good work!