‘IS killed our kids. Now I’m saving theirs’ – BBC News


It is nine months since Iraqi forces declared victory in the long and bloody battle to retake Mosul, its second largest city, from Islamic State fighters.

Hundreds of thousands of people are still displaced. Almost every day the authorities find more children who have lost their parents, or been abandoned, in the chaos of war.

For one woman, Sukayna Muhammed Ali Younes, efforts to deal with the plight of these children have been frustratingly slow, so she has taken on the job of trying to return them to whatever family they have left.

But she is facing a backlash, from those who think the children may belong to IS fighters.

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  1. They should be sent abroad for adoption while they're still young. There's no way of knowing who their parents are. They could just be children of innocent civilians. ISIS is known to use heavy birth control in the women they rape. I wouldn't assume these are their kids

  2. Wait, “Islamic state is destroying everything” and she’s saying this while wearing a head scarf. So she’s a Muslim, so she submits to Islam. That’s a bit confusing.

  3. BBC showing this like they are not part if it and lies they go on telling people. BBC we clearly know you want those kids to die and you don't care, I don't know why you are showing this while you're the ones who are supporting all the killing around the world. Why dont you tell the world Isis the west creating their beloved son.

  4. There is no evidence these are the kids of IS fighters. They 'could' be, but that is typical BBC saying one thing in the report and headlining it in a different way. The main message they are trying to sell here is there are good muslims … and there are but the M.E and a significant portion of those in that religion are seriously screwed up and we should be looking at removing these screw ups from our society whether they were born here or not. They should not be our problem. But more power to the good ones … they are welcome and so are the kind ones like this lady 🙂