Is a new hate speech law killing German comedy? BBC News


Comedians in Germany have been caught up in the country’s strict online hate speech laws. Reporter: Jan Bruck

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  1. Questioning the Holocaust was the first hate speech

    Even though there's a lot that debunks millions dying (rather thousands) some starvation occurred which was caused by supplies at end of the war and well gas chamber.. get real.

  2. Hate speech is a term used my intellectual cowards who want to shut up people from talking about subjects (what subjects you ask anything they wish to be in that moment that's why they are always such broad and often times vague as you can get)

  3. Stop feeding the idiot right wing trolls who pretend they care about free speech – this very obviously has nothing to do with a law – it was a mistake by twitter/facebook – unambiguously.

    People are always worried about new things especially things they don't understand, but that's because we're all idiots. If you have a chance to think about things you should do better, and as a news organization this should certainly be expected.

    This is all independent from assessing the merits and costs of the law, but the least we can do is not misrepresent it.

  4. Hate speech = thought crime.
    Implementing effective prevention of hate speech will NECESSARILY involve creation of a totalitarian state. There is no way to effectively ban any expression of whatever opinion you don't like, without total surveillance and grim men in jack-boots braking down doors and shipping people off into the night. Free society accepts the nuisance of jerks, trolls and idiots voicing their stupidity or even malice (just as long as they are expressing opinions and not directly calling for violent crime) and accepts this small cost as unfortunate necessity.

  5. Junk like this makes me really proud of the US Supreme Court. They don't want anything to do with hate speech laws and have struck down basically every case that would have provided a precedent for it.

  6. Im german and while it is a bit ironic to see a british report on this, i absolutely agree that its utterly ridiculous, the entire concept of "hatespeech" isnt even viable really; its like we're going back in time or something

  7. Remember, if you disagree with this ever broadening "hate speech", you are obviously a bigoted neo-nazi. Only racists care about Freedom of Speech, in this newly enlightened world, after all.

    In all seriousness, these Hate Speech laws are tyrannical and have to be removed. No joke, I generally think society is regressing, because free speech and views are now being suppressed.

  8. Hate speech laws: the laws that nobody can define, have so far been used throughout Europe to…
    – wrongly convict innocent people
    – shut down challenges to far left orthodoxy, and
    – remove inconvenient truths from public discussion.

    These laws must be banished to the hell from which they came.

  9. Oh boy. It's a good thing that deleted comment isn't ironically straight on the money with how facebook is now forced to delete any negative opinions about migrants or else Germany fines them. Good thing this comedian got their post reinstated by having the right opinions though. Really shows how there is 0% risk of this being used as censorship by Chancellor for Life Merkel. Can't wait for this toddler to grow up into a college millenial.

  10. Hate speech is free speech, because polite speech needs no protection. Does anyone in Europe really believe that the government is worried about you insulting one another and getting your feelings hurt? They put these laws on the books to give them the authority to go after people that lead protests and speak against government policies. A prime example of this are those 2 leaders of the Britain First organization over in the UK, that have been protesting against the government's immigration policies. When they see large street demonstrations against their policies, they fear it could eventually escalate into uprisings and an overthrow of their Monarchy, so they silence the leaders with imprisonment. There are 11 Monarchy dictatorships still in Europe today, and every one of them have criminalized speech for centuries, it's how they stay in power. You people need to demand a bill of rights like we have in the US, and at the very top of the list should be freedom of speech protection that guarantees the government cannot charge you with a crime and imprison you for what you say. Those hate speech laws are totalitarian as hell.

  11. Merkel is certainly doing that, half the migrants she is bringing in are not humble hard working migrants, they are proud and arrogant and crazy and living off your taxes with plenty of free time to cause trouble online & form gangs and cause trouble in the streets and at subways they are kicking Germans down the steps, i think she has brought them in to persecute Jews but they are attacking native Germans to, not even Hitler would of done this imported tons of crazy people just so he could have Jews persecuted.