How to live like a ‘superager’ – BBC News


What will you be like in your 80s? If you find yourself living independently, robust in body and mind and with a wide social circle, congratulations – you are a superager.
In reality, most of us are living longer but more of those extra years are being spent in ill health, often with multiple chronic conditions.
We asked some superagers how to beat these ailments and age the right way.

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  1. try doing a physical job for 50years digging holes, repetitive production for days on end doing a 18 hour shift over a 3 week period and poor diet this is a FALSE representation of the british country

  2. part of ''aging gracefully'' is not succumbing to delusions like "age is just a number" – these old women prancing around as if they were girls are ridiculous.

  3. What is it called when you broadcast subjective,misrepresentative and unscientific examples? Course people who indulge in for example the 7 deadly sins will not come forward to give advice even if they live fulfilled lives. They probably avoid the stress of bias reporting.

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