Government Child Abuse (BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary) | The Franklin Cover-up


For testimony against George Bush Sr being involved in this, see:

Also known as the Franklin Scandal, documentary “Conspiracy of Silence” was pulled from tv just days before it was to air. Make your own mind up as to whether that’s because peodophile’s in government were protetcted or not.

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  1. These individuals being interviewed do not seem like they are lying. Fun fact: In the first month of Trump’s presidency there were more arrests made against child traffickers than in Obama’s entire 8 years in office. Trump is not amazing and I am sure that he has done dirt but I can tell you that he is doing great things for our country.

  2. Jeffrey Epstein received 13 months for DECADES of child sexual abuse, child trafficking and child pornography. But only spent 8 hours a night in his own wing of a jail cell with plenty of Vaseline and good food. 16 hours a day he was allowed out of jail to fly and get more massages. And the worst part! The plea deal gave lifetime Immunity Clause protection to all of the high-ranking officials video recorded abusing children!! Video tapes were confiscated and hidden as National Security Secrets classified.

  3. This was way back when. So none of this is new. Wake up people! It scares the hell out of me. How could anyone do these things? But, my inability to comprehend this disgusting action, doesn't make it unreal. It apparently is happening to this day, and even at a much greater extent. They are sick, as Q says. President Trump, please continue your work, and help us end this horrible nightmare.

  4. The difficulty in stopping this type of thing is that the average person doesn’t want to hear it. It’s a rabbit hole they refuse to look into. We the people could stop it, but we won’t.

  5. The facts that so many jesus nuts are on the comment section is prob the reason so many people don’t believe this …. I’m an atheist people and this shit seems legit don’t let all these Christians turn you off open your minds

  6. Its 2017 and were looking into evil thats just the same thing but resurfacing to be drowned out by media once again. Thank God for the internet and allowing a new type of communication to fight back

  7. Hunter Thompson was the worst one of them all in my eyes besides the sick fucks that protect these sick fucks. Hunter didn't even try to hide it. In interviews on National TV he said he loved to kill.

  8. What's so disturbing to me is my great-uncle was the man who spearheaded the financing of Boys Town back when it started. He owned the most prominent newspaper of the city at that time and had a lot of wealthy friends who donated. He never could have imagined that his vision for a safe place for boys and the corruption of it at the hands of wealthy heads of state and businessmen would have come to pass. J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual and kept dossiers on everybody. Everyone was afraid of him. He's gone but people like Comey and others continue to erode the credibility of the highest levels of government.