From Cliffs of Moher hikes to honey farms – Airbnb announces 60 new ‘Experiences’ in Ireland


Those are just three of some 60 new adventures offered by Airbnb hosts in an expansion of its ‘Experiences’ offering to Cork, Galway and beyond.

Airbnb Experiences, which first launched in 2016 before coming to Dublin last May, are immersive activities crafted and led by local experts.

This week, the home-sharing giant announced the nationwide expansion of that offering, with over 60 new ‘Experiences’ in Cork, Galway and other regions, meaning some 160 are now offered in total throughout Ireland.

Irish ‘Experiences’ range from sailing in a traditional Galway Hooker (from €103pp) to a hike (€50pp) or couples’ photo-shoot on the Cliffs of Moher (€175pp) or a honey-farming experience with a beekeeper in Myrtleville, Co. Cork (€30pp).

“People want to experience a place like the locals do, and the expansion of Experiences across Ireland is a reflection of that,” explained Aisling Hassell, Ireland Site Lead and Global Head of Customer Experience at Airbnb.

Airbnb has rapidly expanded since its launch in California a decade ago, moving beyond room and house-shares to offer not just ‘Experiences’, but restaurant reservations in the US, with plans to offer flight booking tools in the future, too.

The super-brand has been embroiled in short-term regulatory battles ranging from New York to Barcelona and Paris, but continues to grow apace – with 22,800 Irish listings clocking 1.2 million arrivals last year, according to its Irish Insights Report.

“The expansion of Airbnb Experiences will help to boost tourism outside of Dublin by attracting more people to rural and regional Ireland to experience the many fascinating cultural activities this country has to offer,” commented Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin.

Airbnb is also calling on Irish hosts that would like to create “a unique and exclusive Experience” to submit ideas on

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