Eddisbury byelection result: BBC News 24


You are about to see what is undoubtedly the worst ever BBC attempt to cover the result of a Parliamentary byelection. Although there were correspondents in Eddisbury and cameras capable of live feed, BBC News 24 stayed with its regular programming as the Returning Officer declared the result. The news was initially conveyed by an on-screen caption giving the winning party and majority.

A series of news reports followed, all of which had been shown previously that day. It was not for over a quarter of an hour (including a news summary) that the full result was given, including a recording of the declaration, and the winning candidate spoke to BBC reporter Laura Trevelyan.

From the early hours of 23 July 1999. The presenter is Peter Coe. Note that the soundtrack is muted from 4:24 to 5:24 as the BBC trail used the Beatles track ‘I am the Walrus’, which the copyright-holder will not allow on Youtube.



  1. Do I understand that the live declaration wasn't actually shown live on BBC News 24? Seems so weird – the only thing I can thing of is maybe because of the time of night i.e when BBC World and News 24 joined up for top of the hour half hour news (though I must confess I don't known if this was in force at this early stage of News 24). Doesn't really explain it though and it's a shocker that the whole coverage here seems to muted. News 24 could've opted out.