Discovery of A Flash Frozen Alien Civilization In 1939


They discovered this site in 1939! They’ve been stripping it ever since. It’s actually referred to as a “ruin” now. It is only since 2002 that excavations by archaeologists and other scientists have been “allowed”. It beggars belief! Allowing them full access since day one would have been better or the right thing to do! That’s my own opinion. Instead the capitalists wanted to strip the site (2 miles under the ice don’t forget) and take everything they could which has a value and wasn’t nailed down? If it didn’t have any value then it was left in situ probably left for the “normal scientists” to argue over, knowing it had no value. To me, I feel culturally robbed because this belongs to the whole world. Who got to decide on who get what? But we do know that the government gets the full rites to this amazingly epic and wonderful treasure trove of wonders not surpassed before or since in the whole universe? It’s another Aliens “advanced technology” don’t forget? It must have took generations, immeasurable and countless experiments all of which the government and scientists have bypassed the lot saving untold trillions and trillions! It’s technology that we could only dream of, but it seems that someone dared to dream?

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