Cameroon Burning: The unseen war – BBC Africa Eye


Hundreds of shocking mobile phone videos from Cameroon have surfaced in the past six months. They are coming from the English speaking part of the country, where rebels are fighting to form an independent state called “Ambazonia”.

BBC Africa Eye have analysed these films, shedding fresh light on who is responsible for the violence.




  1. Nice ,the terrorists taking up arms against the goverment ,no single responsible state gonna stand by watching. in a war zone everything happens .both parties are responsible for the casualties the goverment didn't started this but when all this II be over the goverment has to put an end to bilingualism replacing every single bilingual literature in goverment institutions schools and so on . bilingualism only works with white folks, black Africans butchering each other even for the unthinkable craziest little things

  2. Disgusting…. and the international community and AU aren't doing anything about it. Also, screw the government if its turning a blind eye to this and giving tacit support to this genocide.


  4. The cameroonian government should be ashame of themselves. A good leader sacrifices all he has for the people, but today leadership has sacrifice the people for it"s own selfish agains. All African leaders are going straight to hell. You are wicked.

  5. The BBC should have noted that Issa Chiroma or the spokes person of the Cameroonian Government is a well known liar. He's the same person who called the Anglophones "an insignificant minority". The 86 year old dictator and his regime have promised FULL immunity to these soldiers and that is why they have the audacity to film their atrocities.
    The claim that these people are Anglophones wearing BIR uniforms is a blatant lie. The government knows them well cos they sent them to kill the Anglophones… They try to manipulate the world with lies..

    * My sister's brains were blown out by these animals while she was going for choir practice, so yes I'm hurt.
    They killing us in front of everyone and they're getting away with it.

  6. Terrible shameful footage of African brothers killing and turtoring their fellow African neighbors. Cameroon, Nigeria, where ever…. same story different tribe, religion, or location! God forsaken actions! Disgusting and savage. We don't need to blame france, u.s. or others. We commit such savagery upon ourselves. Unenlightened African brothers right here in comments proudly proclaim that this shall fight for dominance will continue until the end! That is why we don't progress Africa. We need outsiders (westerners, china) to do that for us as the powerful tribe is too busy focusing on killing off the other "annoying" tribes. We exault and cover for men and families who cheat or forcefully take our wealth to gain power and position. Foolish minds. African men will burn and butcher their next village neighbor, the children, the elderly, the women, the men, the girls, the boys, the animals and do so proudly among themselves. Fast to kill without humanity destroying the little that was built. Too much hatred for others who look like or live close by us. The ultimate expression of inferiority complex by killing what looks like us! Yet happily making deals with those who rape our land. African men may vocally blame westerners but who do they take a cutlass to? Shameful African brothers! Just more backward tribal wars while other men are busy inventing, protecting, strategizing decades into the future our boys are butchering, burning, looting. Shameful and shortsighted African leaders pack their pockets with stolen wealth and cover their hearts and minds with visions of western ideas of wealth. Shortsighted African men who see tribe first – you are the seeds of the savage actions experienced in our villages. Shameful African men who feel superior to other tribes and to women, you create this day to day mess on our land.
    Shameful African brothers! Your children, your sisters, your mothers, your daughters, our elders and the world watches as you stumble ahead with no strategy and no vision.
    Shame on you!

  7. All the international organisations like UN do is to foster exploitation of African countries but when it comes to resolving and settling disputes, they go quiet. What a disgrace. Britain and France, u started this mess in the first place. France, Cameroon has been your puppet why r u quiet?? Or is it in your habit to kill your citizens?? France please answer. Do u love what u turned Cameroon into? If u care be quiet. We will all die including u all and stand before God for judgement. Then we shall know.

  8. I am so disappointed at the UN and international human rights organisations who are not coming to the aid of Anglophone Cameroonians. What exactly is the use of these organisations?? Do they want the two regions completely wiped out before they will act?? They know these ministers and president are not honest yet they choose to be quiet. What a disgraceful world we live in where people are so selfish. I now believe what is always said about the western world. They only intervene where they have something to gain. God is watching u all.

  9. BBC this country had his history before UK and France came. But of course Biya is crazy he is killing and burning . I dont understand why this soldiers are backing him than to put a bullet in his head and protect people. Go and fight ambazombians not those innocent people.

  10. Cry my beloved country!! Lord have mercy. I use to boast so much about my country as the most peaceful country, but it was a boiling pot about to explode.Lord please intervene, our beloved nation is perishing. There is hope still and only the Prince of peace can give true peace. His name is Jesus Christ. Lord save Africa!

  11. The pidgin sounds Ghanaian. As a Nigerian that has lived in Ghana for a while, it just breaks my my heart because it shows how we're all not even different at all! Our minor differences are actually supposed to be our strenghts, but we've let the division destroy us.

  12. Man man man, bunch of hypocrites. BBC no matter yo propaganda we will liberate the continent. All the forces will get out. U trying to find away to bring us in a conflict but give lil time all of ya motherfuckers will get out of the continent

  13. It's sad. My Africa is burning. My Africa is flooded with blood. 😭😭😭😭😭😭. Fulani killings in Nigeria is now intense. Have we forgotten we are all blacks. We are from the same root. God placed us on a continent blessed in riches. When Will all these stop? 😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Those who hope that Ambazonians are only blowing off steam will have a rude awakening if Total Restoration is not achieved. This sweltering era of the these peoples legitimate discontent will not pass until Ambazonia is internationally recognized. There will be neither peace nor tranquility in the Cameroons until Amberland is restored. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue shake the foundations of peace until total restoration realized!

  15. Colonisation,European languages ,divide and rule strategy has always worked for the imperialists it's time we have no boardeers in our motherland.We are a chosen people only if we realises who we are.

  16. Your campaign of demonization against Cameroon will not work, we the Cameroonian people sum raquet by our own brother who claims ambazonia this with the help of a Cameroonian rich disapora supported by the USA France, they have signed a pact with the devil and they will finish very badly living manfe and merchant I saw myself stealing bags of rice by my own brothers and after how do they want that they have the supports?

    You want the wealth of Cameroon? You will not even have a thing.

    Long live cameroon united senario lybien will not repeat to us BBC sowing violence anywhere in africa you will have nothing from Cameroon by the precipitation of the death of your existence, you miss in syria you will not succeed in africa , it's over the 80s long live Cameroon and its legitimate president 🇨🇲✊

  17. OK Now as a real Cameroonian I will explain something. I am not francophone not even Anglophone but I am Cameroonian. There is no war between anglophones and francophones because we all know that what the anglophone community is asking is right and fair ( I am not talking about those terrorists who came from no where to create war). But is clear that there is a problem of decentralization in Cameroon, everything is concentrated in the capital (Yaounde) and the other regions are also suffering from this poor management system. Even francophone are suffering from poverty in Cameroon so BBC stop creating a line between Franco and Anglo. There are many tribes representing the cultural identity of Cameroun and you may have a francophone and an anglophone coming from the same tribe. So, stop saying that there is a war between them. I don't like the way you are telling your stories to manipulate people but you will not win.

  18. This is how international medias manipulated the international community during the conflicts in Lybia and Ivory Coast and now BBC and its counterparts are trying to do the same thing with Cameroon. But don't worry BBC you will not fool us again we are wise now. Why don't you show what those terrorists are doing in that region? I just want to clarify something. We all suffering from government poor management system in Cameroon. It is not like life is better in francophone region.