Breaking News: Sir Michael Fallon resigns over past behaviour claims- BBC News


Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has resigned following allegations of past behaviour.
He said his behaviour may have “fallen short” of the standards expected by the UK military and said it was right that Parliament was now taking this issue seriously.
The BBC understands his decision was not related to new or specific claims.
The PM said she appreciated the “serious manner” in which Sir Michael had considered his role.
Theresa May said she also appreciated the “particular example you wish to set servicemen and women and others”.

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  1. Is it a question of poor timing in courtship matters? Why has Michael Fallon's entire political life fallen under such dastardly and vindictive scrutiny? The knife wielding intrigues of carrier opportunist in the Common's is hardly surprising. Never has been! And now it appears touching so much as a knee is enough for a total indictment and distruction of a person of sound integrity. To make a crude joke to a lady about knowing where she can put her cold pair of hands is in very poor taste and very crass indeed! But to be put out of work for it, despite M. Fallon's more numerous and more obvious qualities, is quite beyond sad. It's down right pathetic! It's all just so much VOMIT!

  2. Here we go again. Prim indignation for the next six months as new herds of "sex pests" and "sex beasts" are read from the pulpit. We'll be so caught up in 'Operation Miniskirt' that we'll all forget this government is shafting us every day. Hands up, who's sick of England?

  3. I never could stand Michael fallon.He reminds me of a spoilt school boy .The man remains a arse hole of a minister.Defence minister complete shit at that.But that would be typical of a yes man.The man also got a dodgy past.Check it out.

  4. Priceless Theresa "I appreciate the characteristically serious manner in which you have considered your position, and the particular example you wish to set to servicemen and women and others."

  5. It seems to me that there are forces at work here. Not just relating to this incident but  brexit as a whole. Fallon was instrumental to our negotiations and I wonder if this is part of a plot, in a similar way to those who want trump out!……………How dare we, the people, here and in America, decide out political futures!

  6. Why are men so colossally stupid? I mean Fallon plus the butthurts in comments. How would you like it if a sleazebag like Fallon touched you up, fellas?

  7. Oh for goodness sake, any women now feels empowered as a feminist to make any allegation agaisnt a male, so simple flirting is now abuse. What disgusting females they are. As a male, I was throughout my 20s, 30s and 40s, abused by women who thought they could feel my buttocks and even my genitals any time they wanted to. It seem yet again the BBC SJW feminist news staff ignore the fact that men also get it as well. Yesterday it was all about women who suffer from domestic violence have trouble finding housing but, they did not mention that over 50% of domestic violence is committed agaisnt men.

  8. Good riddance to the hapless fool that is Fallon. Entirely unsuited to the role. His only contributions were to pour out his clear, irrational hatred of Russia. I actually believe that the idiot would fall sleep in Cabinet meetings and meetings of the Defence Select Committee and only wake up when his sub-conscious heard the words 'Putin' or 'Russia'; then he would vent forth with his tiresome diatribe and nonsense condemning that which he knows so little about. Ridiculous that Maty sat idly by for years, not doing anything about this pest's "behaviour".

  9. What a reason to resign – alegation about touching a knee 15 years ago – a government of feminiazis and weak, emasculated men. I'm glad that they are leaving the EU (the rest of which is not much better, but anyway).

  10. A perv is a perv and he knows there is much more to come out about him so he jumped before he was pushed in a pathetic and shameful attempt to again con the public and try and extract a modicum of respect even from this.
    Shouldn`t really be surprised as a Tory will always be a Tory.
    And how disgusting that he had to bring in the Armed Forces conduct just because he was Defence Secretary.
    No Fallon, this is entirely down to you personally and even in resigning he could not show a shred of decency.

  11. Thank God. Now make sure you replace him with a Major with a military background. These bloody economists & businessmen do not qualify for this important position to protect the U.K.

  12. another one gone while Assad is still standing strong, regardless of all the sponsoring of terrorism, meanwhile this guy got wiped out by a sex scandal HAHAHAHAHA… NEXT PLEASE