An app to help blind people to ‘see’ – BBC News


A new app is helping blind people solve everyday problems by combining smartphones video technology and an army of armchair volunteers.

World Hacks investigates how it works and explores whether micro-volunteering projects like this have the potential to solve all kinds of problems in the future.
Film by Nick Holland.

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  1. After a long wait, the app is finally also available for Android, have downloaded and got the day after a call for help.
    Quite an experience and it was good to see their happiness for becoming more independent.

  2. If a blind person doesn't have anyone around that can see this app would be great… only if the blind person could see the app. Yeahhhh if someone could tell me how they find the app and buttons that would be useful as to me this seems useless.

  3. Stay blind you are OK if you can see again an you will realize what the leaders of the nations have make to the people you will fall in to heavy depression so stay in the dark doesn't matter do you know how many people can see but they wish to be blind millions.

  4. It's a brilliant idea so simple but so effective. When will this be available on Android? Android holds 86% of the smartphone market whilst iPhone only 13%. You could x the number of volunteers by 8 by making this available to Android

  5. Nice, I've seen apps that can do this with algorithms though. Tommy Edison (the blind film critic on youtube) has an app where one can take a picture of something and it says what it is.