Advanta Discovery CSX Carp Rods


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Advanta Discovery CSX Carp Rods

The all new Advanta Discovery Series is all about delivering value coupled with high performance; and this new rod series is no exception, with strict attention paid both to the finish, and the action of each rod. Lightweight, well balanced, and built to our exacting standards, utilising quality components throughout, these rods will perform well beyond expectation. Due to their unique construction, they all hold additional power reserves when needed to avoid locking up on your target fish.

The Discovery CSX Series, are all built on our own matt 30T carbon blanks, with a dedicated 3K carbon reel seat, dark gun metal LTS guides, collars and caps, a line friendly polished metal line clip; and a full parallel Japanese shrink wrap butt section for superb grip in all conditions. These exclusive blanks have been specifically developed to cover a multitude of applications from small waters, to the biggest long range venues.complete the perfect pairing with our superb matching CX carp rods.

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